Experiencing God at Home, Work, & Play 2/09/20-02/12/2020

Experiencing God at Home, Work, & Play 2/09/20-02/12/2020

from Experiencing God at Home, Work, & Play


Experiencing God at Home, Work, & Play 02/09/2020 - 02/12/2020

This conference is for every practitioner who serves and counsels people. We treat and care for triune beings with a spirit, soul and body. Care needs to balance mental health, physical health and a pathway to increase connection to God. Letting go of our past misconceptions of God is key to knowing and experiencing His presence. If something bad is happening in our life, it's important to thought stop anything that is contrary to His Word. He didn't cause it. He wants us to be in health. He wants the best for our lives. Just like a good earthly father wants good for his children, so does our heavenly father. Ask anyone in the grocery store today, what do you want for your children? Most will answer, why happiness. God cares about us and wants us to be happy, and He wants us to know and experience Him daily as we walk this resilient pathway.

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PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Who this is for: Laypeople, clergy, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists; every practitioner who cares for clients and/or parishioners seeking to know God personally. Many Biblical teachings focus on information about God. How do we teach others the ˜how to' actually experience and know Him?

HOST: Alexia Georghiou