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About Free Online Conferences and Joint Conferences

Free Online Conferences and Joint Conferences are businesses created by RPM Ministries Inc for the purpose of providing jobs to those who need recovery. Made possible by a United Way of Greater Atlanta Grant, our goal is to heal and return addicted men and women to their children.

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Why should you attend conferences?

Learn From Others

Pursue your passion for knowledge by becoming an expert in one area, or expand your world to learn about new things. Enjoy FREE classes by experienced presenters and FREE giveaways to help you put what you learn into practice.

Networking With Others

During each presentation, you can chat live with the Presenter(s) and other attendees, making connections with others who can help you achieve your mission. In the meanwhile, you are helping us achieve our mission to help men and women in recovery.

Improve Your Skills

Leave the conferences more knowledgeable and prepared to fulfill your calling. You might even decide to become a speaker yourself through Joint Conferences.

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