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Kristin Dronchi, Christian Career and Life Coach at Kristin Dronchi, LLC
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Kristin Dronchi

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Christian Career and Life Coach

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Kristin Dronchi works with Christian Career Women who know they have a bigger purpose than their 9-5. She helps them rediscover their identity and extract their God-given Genius Zone to create a purposeful, profitable and impactful business allowing them to live a life of significance doing what they love. She likes to think of your God-given Genius Zone as the place where your unique specific set of gifts, talents, abilities, and passions meet your expertise and life experiences to create something amazing that makes an impact in this world and life-changing income. She knows first-hand the struggles of being in a career that drains you because it doesn't align with your passions and calling. She loves to empower, equip and mentor women to embrace their calling, up-level their faith, change their mindset and believe bigger so they can step into their FULL potential to become the best version of themselves, make an impact and BE who God created them to BE.


Understanding your Money Story and Mindset for Christians

How do you bridge that gap to make your financial goals for 2020 a reality? Well, it starts with your money mindset. A money mindset is the deeply held beliefs, attitudes and assumptions we create about money. Our money mindset forms our thoughts around money, our thoughts determine our emotions about money, our emotions drive our actions with money. We can't really understand our money mindset until we KNOW our money story. I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about the lies MOST of us believe about money. However, what I know, is that it's so FREEING when you're able to understand your money story! You can begin to shift your limiting beliefs and create a story that empowers you. That is exactly what we will do! We will walk through the process of what your money story is, what limiting beliefs you hold regarding money (even subconsciously) and flip the script on them! Creating a shift in your money belief pattern not only glorifies God in the process, but you are creating a huge impact on the world!

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