Meet Dana and Lici, Presenters from Christian Women With Depression

Meet Dana and Lici, Presenters from Christian Women With Depression

from Christian Women With Depression


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3 Biblically-Based Fool-Proof Strategies that Will Transform Your Stress into Blessings

Stress can cause depression. No doubt about it. So what is the biblical way to handle stress? After years of difficulty, struggle, and yes, depression, author Dana Susan Beasley turned to the Bible to deal with her stress. She studied passages with the words bless, blessed, and blessing. What she discovered was a continual way to transform stress into blessings so she could become closer to God and share that closeness with others.

Tuesday 1/21/2020 12:00 pm EST
BREAKOUT SESSION : Going Beyond Stressed and Depressed to Blessed
Tuesday 1/21/2020 01:00 pm EST

Dana Susan Beasley


Joint Conference
Image that Heals

If you overlook your personal appearance thinking you have more important things on your plate. you must watch this! Your image reflects your ambitions and goals and can empower you to reach them. Besides, it communicates your mission to others before you speak. It communicates to yourself and helps you heal and feel strong! Trust me, I've been there!

Wednesday 1/22/2020 10:00 am EST
BREAKOUT SESSION : Start now! Live a& easy tips to heal from outside in
Wednesday 1/22/2020 11:00 am EST

Lici Tomkiw

Image & Style Consultant & Trainer