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Kelli Barthelemy

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I lived the first 40 years of my life in Minnesota learning to endure the cold winters as well as dealing with the adversity of being a two time cancer survivor, divorcee, going through a bankruptcy, losing my home, and then losing my mom to suicide in 2017. At that point I decided I had enough of what Minnesota had to offer and I made a move down to sunny Florida! After a few months of soaking up the sunshine, my 20 year old son asked if he could join me and my daughter Piper, to which we happily agreed. Quintin had been battling a drug addiction and his commitment to live a healthy and sober life down in Florida was music to our ears. Unfortunately, this was not to be his fate. His Minnesota family and friends decided to throw him a going away party and what he intended to be a “last hurrah” was in fact his last hurrah. Quintin died of an accidental drug overdose on July 8th , 2018. Since his passing, I have been able to walk through a supernatural healing process and share his life story and message of hope with so many! While I would much rather have both my mom and Quintin by my side here on Earth, I am so thankful for the strength, growth, and new clarity their passing has provided in my life. My life is now dedicated to encouraging those in recovery and those affected by trauma and loss to keep moving forward to grab hold of all the gifts God has for them! God has blessed me abundantly with my amazing husband Michael and our beautiful children Piper, Joseph, and Brianna. We love living in Florida and are embracing each day as an opportunity to make new family traditions and create lasting memories. I am aware that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so I plan to make today count!


Advancing Through Adversity

I help people find healing and freedom from grief. I teach people how to advance through adversity and how to move forward on purpose, in purpose.

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