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Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House, works with homeschooling families, teens, and aspiring entrepreneurs who face uncertain futures in these difficult times. Using proven digital and traditional marketing and branding strategies, she helps them plan, start, and launch successful businesses that are optimally matched with their passions, giftings, and God-given callings. With this in hand, they can create their own opportunities and economies and, more significantly, to make an impact on the world around them for Christ. A graphic artist, writer, publisher, and branding/digital marketing strategist, Dana has enjoyed homeschooling her Asperger son for over 10 years. She is the author of several homeschool curriculums, including "Your Guide to Growing Your Family Economy." This year, she is developing a new, extensive course called "Becoming a Kingdom Entrepreneur in the Internet Age." She is also the author and publisher of a devotional called the 31-Day Blessings Journey. Education is very important to Dana and she is always learning. In 2016, she earned her certification as a Digital Marketing Professional. For the last several years, she has been helping homeschooling moms and dads start or improve their own businesses, including her husband who has his own architectural business. Passionate about using her company as "Business as Mission" (BAM), Dana considers AngelArts her ministry and desires that her work be a vehicle for God's glory.


3 Biblically-Based Fool-Proof Strategies that Will Transform Your Stress into Blessings

Stress can cause depression. No doubt about it. So what is the biblical way to handle stress? After years of difficulty, struggle, and yes, depression, author Dana Susan Beasley turned to the Bible to deal with her stress. She studied passages with the words bless, blessed, and blessing. What she discovered was a continual way to transform stress into blessings so she could become closer to God and share that closeness with others.

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