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Speaker Jeanny Rodriguez
Jeanny Rodriguez, Speaker at 12.1 Run Your Own Race, Speaker at 12.1 Run Your Own Race

Jeanny Rodriguez

12.1 Run Your Own Race -


Jeanny is a daughter, sister, twin sister, mother, Abu (Abuela), friend, and loving neighbor. She is the founder of the 12.1 Run Your Own Race movement, Divorced but Not Devalued and community. She was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, moved to upstate New York at the age of 16, has lived in Portugal, and travels extensively. She now lives in a bird sanctuary on a two-mile island off the west coast of Florida. Inspiring people to run their life’s race and never give up is her passion. She loves serving and connecting with people. Her favorite things to do are spending time with God and with her loved ones, writing in her gratitude journals, and travel and go walking on the beach.


Depression After Divorce: 5 Healing Beliefs To Break Free

Have you found yourself battling any of these poisonous beliefs after divorce? God may love me just a *tiny bit* less now that I'm divorced. Everything horrible that has happened is all my fault. My life's purpose just isn't as valuable now--I'm damaged goods. I can never have a successful marriage. I'm doomed to experience unrest in my family forever--no peace for me. Even JUST ONE of these beliefs will destroy the way you feel about yourself. Even JUST ONE of these beliefs will cause you to miss out on a bright, new future that awaits you. Even JUST ONE of these beliefs will damage meaningful relationships in your life you don't want to lose. WE SAY YOU DESERVE MORE! We've learned how to clean out these beliefs for good. We'll guide you through our process in just 5 amazing days of: Interviews with people just like you who have faced divorced and these toxic beliefs Inspiring, live instruction videos with practical steps to transform your beliefs Encouragement all week long to keep you going

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12.1 Run Your Own Race:  Practical Tips for Running Well

This book is one of a kind gem. It’s a beautifully illustrated book that includes a journal, devotional, and Jeanny Rodriguez founder of the 12.1 Movement as your personal coach helping you experience breakthrough daily so you can live your life beyond any circumstance. Our goal is to get you inspired and motivated to “Run Your Own Race” and finish well.

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