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Jacqueline Lulu Brown, fondly known as “LuLu” is a dynamic Minister and woman of faith who spent over 38 years in the Information Technology and Software Quality Engineering arena. During that time, she held technical, management and executive leadership roles which allowed her to travel throughout the world to numerous countries that include the U.K., Australia, Israel, France, Germany, Span, and India. Lulu’s passion for helping Women always kept ministry at the forefront of her career. One of the things that “Lulu” discovered during her career and travels was that women in their career or business were feeling the heavy burden of silently carrying their “unsaid.” These unsaid challenges are often not openly discussed because of secret shame, and ultimately, the fear of revealing one’s true self. In 2010, “Lulu’s” true calling and genius was burning like “fire shut up in her bones.” Through self- discovery, reclaiming her own self-worth, and lots of self-forgiveness work, she began showing up as her true authentic self, “Lulu”. She was named “Lulu” after the endearing and mischievous cartoon character, “Little Lulu”.   Now, as a Transformational Speaker, Women’s Empowerment Consultant, and Licensed Minister, Lulu’s spoken with and mentored Women and Young Girls across the world. Her purpose and focus with her business, Revolution Ascension LLC, is to provide a safe space for open, honest and raw conversation. She and her team bring a comfortable, yet revolutionary and radical way of helping women see their greatness and brilliance in the middle of their challenges. The key outcomes for clients are discovery of one’s self, alignment with spirit and authenticity, and unleashing one’s Divine Feminine Power”. Lulu values innovation, diversity, service, individuality, and equality. She believes every woman deserves a bright shining life that sings to their soul. Lulu holds a Bachelor of Science in Facilities Management, several Technical and Executive Leadership Certifications, is a “Women of Color in Technology” Award recipient and is listed in “Worldwide Who’s Who” for excellence in Information Technology. Lulu is a strategic partner with “The Bradford Group” and co-founder of its’ underlying organization, “Celebrate You”. She hosts a weekly segment, “Be Real Be Raw Be You With Lulu - The Lulu Experience” on iWorship96, an international internet radio station. She is a co-author of the book “31 Ways of Influence”. Naturally philanthropic, “Lulu” also serves on multiple Boards; the “Precious Kids Foundation”, as their Chief Program & Innovation Officer (CPIO), and “The Way-Out Ministries INC” a 501c3 corporation, as their Chairperson and Chief Program Officer (CPO). She is married to Kevin Alan Brown with a blended family of six adult children, fourteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


God Sees The Mask We Wear - Authenticity in God

THIS WILL BE A LIVE VIDEO PRESENTATION. Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world. We will take a moment to relax and help you set aside your own case about the other person, the masked person, and open to the “being” deep down inside. You will become comfortable confronting the masked individual within and learn how applying God’s word and love can transform you from behind a mask into an abundance of freedom as your move forward in life. You will also sense your own innermost being, and then imagine that core, that sense of your essence, the one for whom life can be awesome trusting in your faith.

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