Doing A Live Presentation

Demo Conference

This presentation is to allow people to try out the conference system before they do a presentation.

Going Beyond Stressed and Depressed to Blessed

Christian Women With Depression

Stress can cause depression. No doubt about it. So what is the biblical way to handle stress? After years of difficulty, struggle, and yes, depression, author Dana Susan Beasley turned to the Bible to deal with her stress. She studied passages with the words bless, blessed,...

Start now! Live & easy tips to heal from outside in

Christian Women With Depression

If you overlook your personal appearance thinking you have more important things on your plate. you must watch this! Your image reflects your ambitions and goals and can empower you to reach them. Besides, it communicates your mission to others before you speak. It...

How to find quality time in your chaotic mom life without feeling guilty

Christian Women With Depression

We will explore the story Peter being freed from Jail by the Angel in Acts. I will show the parallels of Depression to Jail & provide practical steps you can take to find healing from Depression in your life.

God Sees The Mask We Wear - Authenticity in God LIVE SESSION

Christian Women With Depression

THIS WILL BE A LIVE VIDEO PRESENTATION. Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world. We will take a moment to relax and help you set aside your own case about the other person,...

Codependency Q&A Session

Christian Women With Depression

Do you end up with people who treat you badly? When trying to make a decision, are you worried about how others will react to your decision? Are you often afraid that other people will be upset with you if you don't do what they ask of you? Do you feel like there's something...

Clarion call to Kingdom Wealth - LIVE

Christian Women In Business

Join A LIVE presentation identifying the problem of the Cinderella syndrome of striving and toiling in the business world. Are you lacking the results you were hoping for? Are you tired each night you come home with a lack of energy and motivation? What about the constant...

Your Industry, Your ministry, Your passion!

Christian Women In Business

How to Find, Define, & Refine Your Vision To Establish, Grow, & Scale Your business or idea For maximum productivity & profit! SUPERCHARGE YOUR INDUSTRY, YOUR MINISTRY, YOUR PASSION! As Christian women in business, we have to make time for many things & often find...

Brainstorm Session About YOUR Conference Topic

Christian Women In Business

Learn how to be promoted to a worldwide audience and earn up to 100% in affiliate commissions by HOSTING free online conferences. Pick a hot topic that will draw your target market, create a great presentation, invite other experts who don't compete with you to do...

Transform Yourself Into a High Value Woman

Christian Women In Business

Your Business Roadmap presentation will cover everything you need to create a business that works, from vision planning, brand development and goal setting.

Experiencing God: The Single Christian

Experiencing God at Home, Work, & Play

In this presentation Alexia Georghiou shares insight on Scriptural foundations for wholeness as a single Christian in Christ. This is for males and females; everyone who wants to experience true freedom in Christ. Pick up your cross, follow Him as your authentic self today....

COVID19 STRESS Amongst the International Day of Happiness

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

This is a thought provoking presentation challenging us to prioritize what matters most within one of the most challenging moments our generations have known. How we act upon the difficult decisions that face us in the upcoming weeks, will define us for decades to come. Choose...

Hit the Happiness Reset

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

Join our conversation on happiness and hit your reset button today. We decide the outcome for our lives choosing joy. Mix the ingredients to create the life you want! Get inspired with us today.

Stigma & Resilience: Responding to Coronavirus at Work

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

With the current threat of a coronavirus epidemic, there are categories of people experiencing stigma. As employers how do we navigate this in our work environments and community? In this training we identify groups experiencing stigma, what such groups may be subject to, and...

Resilience Through Faith, Hope and Love

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

Each day has enough trouble of its own, but now, with the increase of fear for health, safety and economic issues, resilience is a key tool in keeping your righteousness, peace and joy. What is resilience for a Christian? What does it have to do with faith, hope and love?

COVID19: Keeping Yourself & Your Team Motivated

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

We will share insight into what research shows motivates people in times of crisis. Teams thrive with leaders who are decisive moving quickly during times of stress to manage change efficiently.

COVID19: Managing the Grief

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

Change is happening all around us worldwide. Daily, we shift and move to adjust to the new restrictions. Loss is happening all around us. How do we cope, leading others through this life cycle? Grief is natural to experience in response to loss. With the COVID19 pandemic,...

Combatting Depressed Mood with Healthy Habits

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

Everyone experiences depressed mood. What is the difference between this and clinical depression that needs treatment medically? We share how to identify depression in ourselves and others, & risk of suicide in family/friends/team members. We share empirically proven methods...

Focusing on Opportunities During Challenges

Celebrating World Happiness 2020 amongst the COVID19 stress

Amongst the stressors of life and the COVID19 pandemic, we are challenged to navigate is our finances. How do we keep our focus and make timely decisions? Financial planner, Thierry Sommer joins us for a talk about the importance of mindset.

The Enneagram: An Introduction

The Enneagram

The world is made of people. When we go to work, people are there. When we shop, people are there. Even with virtual jobs & online shopping, we continue to interact with people. The Enneagram is a tool to understand ourselves and others better. Begin to navigate through...