Freedom From Addiction Series; Uncovering the Roots of Addiction

03/29/2021 - 04/03/2021
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Freedom From Addiction Series; Uncovering the Roots of Addiction

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Freedom From Addiction Series; Uncovering the Roots of Addiction

In this conference we will be discussing uncovering the roots of addiction. Additional conferences we will be having this year in this series: May - The Right Treatment For You August - Recovering From A Loved One's Addiction November - Spirituality In Recovery From Addiction

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10 Growth Mindsets to Experience Freedom: From the Inside-Out

Guide for adopting 10 growth mindsets to aid in journey to freedom. Mindsets and “circuits” in our brain can lead to paths of addiction, guilt and resistance to change. Or, they can lead us...

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Free 20 minute consultation

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Learn all about Life Patterns, how they affect your life, and how you can dismantle unhealthy patterns and underlying beliefs, heal traumatic memories, and transform the way you handle stress. ...

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Let me help you with transformational healing with a FREE 30 minute consultation. Once you click the link and schedule the consultation, you are emailed a questionnaire so that we can get the most...

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Speak at one (1) Joint Conferences event for free as a guest. Register at (if you are already registered at Joint Conferences or Free Online Conferences, both sites share...

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Rocky Road to Recovery Excerpt

Christian self-help memoir about overcoming generational cycle of addiction through faith and action.

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The Trauma Responsive System

Here’s a quick summary of this process for you to get an overview of how it looks. 1) Adopt a new perspective about trauma—and how universal overwhelming experiences are. 2) Learn how...

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