April 2, 2021, 11:00 am EDT Total Views : 149

Coming from a Christian/biblical perspective, the presenter will discuss the foundation for true freedom from any addiction or cycle of negative behavior; and the critical role of mindset including research on the importance of having a “growth mindset.”

CONFERENCE: Freedom From Addiction Series; Uncovering the Roots of Addiction
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April 2, 2021, 11:00 am EDT

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How to Break the Cycle of Temptation, Addiction & Guilt: From the Inside-Out (release date: early April 2021)

No one knowingly and willingly falls into a trap and gets stuck there. No one intentionally goes down a path that leads to a vicious cycle of addiction, guilt, and feelings of failure. We often fall into traps because we don’t see them. Cycles of broken relationships, addiction to negative or self-defeating thoughts, addiction to gambling, sex, shopping, eating, and so on. These cycles often leave us feeling hurt, guilt, ashamed, and in despair, eventually leading us to wonder whether we can ever break free. Most of us have struggled (or will at some point) with some type of strong temptation or addiction and have felt like we’re in a vicious cycle that we want to be free from. If you haven’t struggled, you know someone who has. It’s a common human condition. This book, How to break the Cycle of Temptation, Addiction & Guilt: From the Inside-Out, is for YOU (or someone you know)! It’s for anyone who has struggled at some point in their lives with any type of addictive or destructive patterns of behavior. Using personal experience and examples, coupled with scientific data, the author explains the often hidden subconscious and spiritual factors that can too often leave us in situations wondering “how did I get here … again?!” If you’re tired of repeating the same old patterns and you’re ready to experience freedom and joy, you want to read this book. Going on a journey with the author, you’ll be enlightened on how to identify hidden “enemy attacks, traps, and snares.” You’ll be awakened to the reality and depth of your secret weapon (your inner power) and how to use the spiritual power inside of you to overcome any temptation and live a victorious life. Freedom isn’t a complicated thing to achieve, you can do it! In this book you will learn how to live free from the all-too-common cycles of temptation, addiction, guilt and the self-condemnation that is often attached to those things. Are you ready? Your journey to freedom begins now! Joi Ross Consulting - books, mentoring/coaching, training, speaking APEX Direct Inc - effective communication and implicit bias training; community outreach, education and engagement; environmental justice (Book, Ebook, Personal Development and Growth Mentoring and Coaching)

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